Above & Beyond: George Steinmetz App Reviews

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Not maintained well enough

George is an interesting and captivating artist, and I initially really liked the app especially in conjunction with his narration. If the app was updated with new photos it would really be more enticing. Unfortunately the app also suffers from an annoying quirk - if one listens to background music while browsing photos the music will be stopped permanently when clicking on the photo info button (when it plays a shutter sound). But to not take your audience requests to heart - not so great, the app simply loses its appeal over time.

Nice photos, but not worth the cost

Nice photos, but not worth the cost or the amount of storage

Above and Beyond

Way way Cool. It sure makes me grin.

More please

Excellent App! I enjoy the candid narrations. The photos are incredible. More please! Will there be, or is there a Television Special about all this ? I hope so !

Not updated for retina display :(

I love this app and idea, but I was extremely disappointed to open it and discover the photos and app are not optimized for retina displays. It really detracts from the photos when you can see pixelated edges everywhere. Please update for retina!

An amazing journey...

...to some of the most fascinating, exotic and remote corners of the earth.

Buy this app!

Excellent photography, supplemental info, and enjoyed the flying machine diagram. I'm a fellow NJ pilot/photographer and am now interested in this kind of aviation (perhaps in less exotic locations :-). The only downside might be pixelated text when viewing on iPad 3. Well done, looking forward to the next title from amazing Steinmetz!

Great app!

Two bucks for a lifetime achievements. Easy math.


and Inspiring.

Inspiring and Beautiful

Love this. More photo's and video's please!!!


This is an example of how photography can flourish in this new media. sh


Everything works and is organized as it should. A book others should look out that are thinking of making photo books for the iPad. Well done sir.

Five star all the way. Fascinating perspective.


Great great great app

Love the interactivity with the beautiful book!

I love this app.

Astonishingly beautiful photos of amazing places.

wonderful app!

my dream is go travel the world using the paraglide. and that makes me feel special about this app!

10/10 on the Wow scale

Beautiful photographs, gripping narrative, captivating lifestyle. Hard to put away.

Simply Breath-taking

Thank you the unique opportunity to see regions of the world that have not been seen, especially from this perspective. Absolutely beautiful.


nice app, great pictures, good presentation :)


This app is by far my favorite app for the iPad. Already having an interest in paragliding and PPG, I found this app and have fallen in love with it. The pictures are stunning, and I have spent many long nights sitting and looking at these pictures. Phenomenal app... Outdoorsmanism

A better view of hidden places

You might think you have been around, but this surprising app gives you the stunning realization that you really haven't seen much. That's the purpose of great photography. Well, that and the old mantra of location, location, location. Awesome views of the world's hidden places.

Awesome app!

Jaw-dropping images that inspire anyone with an appreciation for photography. I loved this app, not only for the images but also for the design and development of the concept, which was incredibly intuitive and easy to navigate. I will recommend this to many people.

Awesome app

These are incredible pictures, love love this app

Incredibly amazing!!

A dream come true for any adventure photographer wanna be's!!!


Great way to show off the unique poduction process behind these beautiful photos...


As an beginner PPG pilot and a amateur photographer, I have been following George S. work for some time now. And here is what is missing from his books... The IPTC info with all one wants to know and his stories of how he took the pictures! And they really worked on this one... You can see the satellite photo of the same place with one click. A really good app. The best photo app I have (and I have quite a few), no question about it. And for 2 bucks, really? Unbelievable.


This goes to the top of my bucket list

Amazing App

Excellent App and amazing pics with description.

Worth it

Must have for anyone who likes taking pictures. This app should be priced more. Go for it!! You wont be disappointed


What a wonderful use of the iPad. Photos are incredible. Interface worthy of iPad app.

Absolutely awesome!

Thank you for taking me where I could not be!

Absolutely amazing

Worth it for the stunning pictures alone, but the audio commentary add a depth that is well worth the time to listen to. After listening to the stories behind the pictures I can't help but think he's a little bit crazy, but I appreciate the results of his insanity.

All tumbs up!

Excellent with unique pictures.


Title says it all.


Oh yes, you DO love to fly! And we LOVE to ride along.

Outstanding work on all levels

Content: from the photography, visually and technically to the copy. Production: concept, navigation, interface. Everything: Wonderful.


Amazing photos and an elegant interface. I hope they continue to build upon it.


Simply amazing


Excellent app this can fill your soul! The commentary gives insight and depth. You will be amazed. Thank you for this gift wonderful.

Wonderful photos

Photos and descriptions are wonderful. Would be great to get more updates with more new, or old, photos.


Love this app. Beautiful photography!!!


This is AWESOME. The audio explanations are great! Well worth the money. Get some pop-corn, a drink and this is an order of magnitude better than going to the movies!

Fantastic resource to have

This app was well designed and created. The pictures are fantastic the information is simple clear and concise. The audio which can be played while looking at the photograph is just like seeing a keynote lecture. A great resource and reference for my students.

Beautiful Stories and Pictures

An incredible life, with The stories and thought provoking Photographs to tell just a small part of it. Bravo

Very beatiful!

Thank you for this app! It was a real journey around the World!

Amazing Photos and stories

Beautiful photography and stories to go with each photo. Also a great introduction to motorized paragliding. I have decided to take lessons and learn to fly myself. Thank you George for opening my eyes!


Beautiful photos. What the ipad was indented for.


Just hope you can add more pics. Excellent work! Worth more than $1.99 a lot!!!!!


Thanks for your work

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